Home Sports “When an educator puts a substitute child, he becomes an enemy”

“When an educator puts a substitute child, he becomes an enemy”

Entraînement de l'équipe de France de football à Clairefontaine le 9 novembre.

INTERVIEW – In his book The offsides of French football» (Ed. Talent Sport), Yacine Hamened, thanks to his experience as an educator, paints a disturbing picture of French football, from training centers to the amateur world, including the role of parents or educators.

But the France team is world champion, everything is fine.» This is the ironic leitmotif that recurs throughout Yacine Hamened’s book Les hors-jeu du football français (Ed. Talent Sport). Technical director of CO Cachan, but also a columnist for several media, the author does not mince his words when it comes to denouncing certain well-established systems in amateur football or training centers.

May 2019. Rédouane Abbaoui, 36, is murdered by several stab wounds. The alleged murderer of the Vauvert coach is one of his 21-year-old players whom he had expelled from the club for lack of respect.» It is with this news item that Yacine Hamened’s book begins. “Hysterical” parents at the edge of the pitch, educators who have abandoned the educational aspect of their role for pecuniary and sporting reasons, training solely focused on results… The picture painted by the author is deplorable at the very least, less scary. Interview.


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