Home Business & Finance what are the differences compared to Delta subscribers?

what are the differences compared to Delta subscribers?

what are the differences compared to Delta subscribers?

Freebox Pop subscribers can now benefit from the Free Devialet player on multi-TV. But what services and content remain reserved for Freebox Delta subscribers?
On Tuesday January 18, 2022, Free announced the availability of the Free Devialet player for rental for new subscribers, as well as multi-TV availability for Freebox Pop subscribers. The question thus arises concerning the availability of certain services and content in relation to Freebox Delta subscribers, for whom this high-end player was initially intended. While Freebox Pop subscribers benefit from the in-house interface of the Free Devialet player, Ok Freebox and Amazon Alexa assistants for voice requests, a few applications from the Free Store and the powerful sound of the built-in speaker, some services are not available. included as for Freebox Delta subscribers. This is the case of the video streaming platforms Prime Video and Netflix, whose applications are installed, but whose use requires an optional registration. Among the other services available: music with Spotity Connect or the Family TV package by Canal, as an option. Exit also the shortcut to the security camera, which was linked to the connected home part of the Freebox Delta. A Freebox Pop subscriber taking the Player Free Devialet in multi TV does not change his current content offer, the operator points out. On the other hand, he can now enjoy it through the interface and with the sound experience specific to this player.

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