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“The government wants to go very quickly, it’s not realistic” (Michel Savin)

Michel Savin

The senator of Isère, Michel Savin, defends since yesterday in the Senate a bill on sport in France, of which he is the rapporteur. It contains several important provisions, concerning sports on prescription, parity in sports federations and the financing of professional football. Michel Savin was our guest this Wednesday, January 19.

Since yesterday in the Senate, you have been defending a bill on sport in France. It aims in particular to develop sports on prescription. Today, there are about thirty pathologies concerned, including diabetes. Does it work and what needs to be improved?

Yes, today a certain part of the diseases are taken into account in prescription sports. Today, the government is proposing to expand the scope of these diseases. We accepted this scope opening, but still limiting by decree the diseases that could be eligible for this prescription sport. Because the concern for us is that the main obstacle to this prescription sport has still not been lifted. This is reimbursement by Social Security for adapted physical activity (APA). So yes to enlargement, but let’s not go too far. Yesterday, I refused a number of amendments from my colleagues or the government, who wanted to go much further, without removing the issue of reimbursement, which poses a real problem of fairness to me. Some of our compatriots cannot follow these services for financial reasons, so that poses a real problem.

A point of the bill also creates controversy: it concerns parity in the bodies of sports federations. The Minister of Sports wants to establish parity from 2024, while you rather set the objective for 2028. Why? Isn’t it too late?

Basically, we set the same objective, to move towards parity. We have to be very clear on that. The Senate is entirely in favor of moving towards parity, but afterwards, the situation of the federations must be taken into account. For 80% or 85% of them, parity will be effective from 2024. On the other hand, we have actually proposed to shift this objective for certain federations with a first significant level in 2024, with an objective of 40% of each sex, then parity in 2028. We must take into account the specificity of these federations, some today have less than 15% of licensees – women or men, it depends – so moving to parity in two years, this does not is not realistic. These phenomena are linked to the history of these sports, to their practice, which means that there is a very big difference between the number of female and male licensees. The government wants to move very quickly, too quickly. We preferred to set a landing. I think that’s a reasonable thing. To view this Twitter content, you must accept Social Network cookies. These cookies allow you to share or react directly on the social networks to which you are connected or to integrate content originally posted on these social networks. They also allow social networks to use your visits to our sites and applications for the purposes of personalization and advertising targeting. I authorize Manage my choices

One of the main measures of this bill represents a big change for French football: the creation of a commercial company to manage TV rights. What would that change?

Today, we all know that professional football is in great financial difficulty. The league has the objective of creating this commercial company to bring in financial partners who come to make an important contribution. The estimate is set at 1.5 billion euros. This commercial company would aim to develop resources related to audiovisual rights. In principle, it doesn’t cause us any more problems than that. Where we are very vigilant – we tabled amendments, voted on in committee and, I hope they will be maintained in public session – it is the management of this company, that it be well secured. We want the French Football Federation to always be in contact with the league and this commercial company. We want to maintain the financial link between professional sport and amateur sport. We would like the statutes of this commercial company to be validated by the Board of Directors of the Federation, etc… So you see, we need a device that would avoid all abuses, in particular those experienced by the professional world. not very long ago, and in particular the Mediapro fiasco.

A question about the presidential election, Michel Savin. You support Les Républicains candidate Valérie Pécresse. She was last night on Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s show, targeted by an investigation for sexual assault. Did she do well to go, should she have abstained?

Above all, she did very well at the opening of this program, to clarify what her position was. It was difficult for her to cancel everything at the last moment, especially vis-à-vis the citizens who had mobilized, who had prepared questions. So I found that his intervention at the start of the program, very courageous, very clear and very clear about his position, made it possible to clarify things.

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