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Pixel 6 & Pixel 6 Pro: Are the problems fixed now? The January update seems to be having an effect (survey)

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Many users of Pixel 6 smartphones had to show a lot of understanding and patience with their new device in the first few weeks – and in the worst case even do without the smartphone. The eagerly awaited January update for the Pixel 6 smartphones has been rolled out since Friday and is intended to fix the worst bugs. Could Google keep the promise this time?

Experience has shown that every new Pixel generation struggles with major problems in the first quarter, which fortunately are quickly confirmed and fixed by Google. For reasons that are hard to understand, the level of teething troubles varies widely between users – and that was the case with the Pixel 6. Some have been happy from day one, some have returned annoyed, and others have just minor issues. This can be explained in some cases, but not in all. But what about the January update, for which users had to wait a good ten days longer than all other Pixel users? Has all the issues been fixed or is it proving to be a similar disappointment as the December update, which was also supposed to fix major issues at the time and only made things much worse? At 9to5Google they started a small survey in this regard and fortunately it was answered very positive for the Pixel 6 smartphones. It can be said that three quarters of all Pixel 6 owners who took part in the survey no longer have any problems. 40 percent were worry-free right from the start and for 35 percent the update finally ensured that the smartphone could be used as expected and that there weren’t any stumbling blocks. 18 percent still have problems and 6 percent now even want to have new problems.

Such a survey shows very impressively how extensive the problems actually were. Because despite the veritable flood of reports, there was always the opposite pole, which could not understand all the reports. This can now probably be classified 40 to 35. The biggest problem currently seems to be the fingerprint sensor, which only works unreliably. In many cases it is the case that the recognition takes a very long time or even has to be carried out several times. This may also be due to the change in technology, but according to some commentators, things are said to have gotten even worse after the January update. But “bad” or “worse” no longer plays a role and Google has to step up. The reception problems, on the other hand, which were the most urgent, have disappeared according to all the feedback so far. How about you? There was always a lot of discussion among our Pixel 6 articles. Have the problems gone? Have any new ones appeared and if so, which ones? » Android 12L: These are the main innovations in the current beta of the Google operating system (gallery)
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