Home Politics Lot: the PCF 46 launches its presidential campaign

Lot: the PCF 46 launches its presidential campaign

Lot: the PCF 46 launches its presidential campaign

the essentials The Lot PCF federation officially launched its campaign for the presidential elections on Monday 17 January. The opportunity to also present the creation of the Happy Days association in support of Fabien Roussel, the PCF candidate. It is an event for the Communist Party which is finally back in the presidential race. The party had not presented a candidate since the 2007 elections with Marie-George Buffet who then obtained 1.93% of the vote in the first round. In 2012 and 2017, the PCF had chosen to support the candidacy of Jean-Luc Melenchon. But in 2018, Fabien Roussel, MP for the North, was widely elected national secretary and decided that the time when the PCF remained in the shadows was over. For the 300 PCF activists in Lot, a new era is dawning, a new, even more motivating campaign is beginning. The federal secretary of the PCF 46, Serge Laybros, is full of praise for their 52-year-old candidate. “The PCF wants and has regained its place on the political spectrum. It has charisma, it plows the countryside, scores points, it is invited by the major media. It is with confidence and serenity that we go into battle in his side at a time when the government is trying to quell any social rebellion.” he argues. For her part, Marie Piqué, vice-president of the Occitanie region in charge of Solidarity, public services and associative life, denounces “the urgency of another world, where everything increases except salaries and where the world is mistreated like the health and youth. Purchasing power is central today.”

A countryside close to Lotois

For the moment, 5 sponsorships are confirmed for the candidate Roussel and three more are awaiting confirmation. “I sponsor it because I haven’t forgotten what happened in this country: the PC is weakened by certain socialists, we see where that has led us.” launches Jean-Claude Sauvier, mayor of Laburgade and president of the Community of communes of the country of Lalbenque-Limogne. Jean-Jacques Maures, mayor of Cambayrac, sees a candidate who “raises people’s morale and can bring people together”. “We are going to meet Lotois in all the villages and on the markets to distribute Fabien Roussel’s letter to the French. There will also be 6 democratic debates in the department on different themes.” explains Jean-Christophe Vialaret, legislative candidate for the first constituency with Nicole Mayraguet as alternate. For the second constituency, it will be Fanny Beggiato and William Gout. Fabien Roussel could make a trip to the Lot in February after that of Toulouse.

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