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Google Play Store Promotion: These 42 Android apps, games, icon packs & live wallpapers are free today

apps 18.01.2022

To start the new campaign week, the Google Play Store has a nice selection of temporarily free apps, games, icon packs and live wallpapers – take a look. Today we are reporting on one strange google notes problem, show you the Pixel Fold leaked and the new GMail graphic in the inbox. Also look at the practical Android 12 Material You customization on.

Because Google does not have an explicit overview of discounted or even temporarily free apps in the Play Store, you usually only find them by chance or only come across them when it is too late. For this reason, we regularly list such actions that may be of interest to one or the other. We limit ourselves to apps that meet the following requirements:

  • The app is free at the time of publication
  • The app is usually paid
  • The app is rated with at least 3 stars
  • Pixel Fold: New leaks speak of the Pixel Notepad and reveal possible sales price and availability


    Android 12L: these are the main innovations in the second beta of the Google operating system (gallery)

    Android 12L: Google releases beta of the new operating system – this is new (download links)


    YouTube: First video hits record 10 billion views – surprising or not? 🦈

    icon pack (Mixer icon pack)
    Live Wallpaper

    Google on the desktop: Nearby Share and Co should trump Microsoft’s smartphone connection

    Missed the offer? Not so bad!

    Since the promotional prices are usually only valid for a very short period of time, it can of course be the case that the price rises again quickly. If you missed an action, it usually won’t come back anytime soon. Therefore: Be quick and download apps with foresight. Download a currently free app once and it will be permanently stored in your account. At a later point in time, it can then be downloaded and used completely free of charge again, although it is chargeable at the time.

    Earn Google Play credit

    And if you weren’t able to save the 1.99 euros (or whatever amount), then you don’t necessarily have to dig into your pockets: With the Google survey app you can earn Google Play credit quickly and easily. You can earn 2-3 euros per month, which can be spent within a year before they expire again. Take a look at our last promotion listings, maybe one or the other price is still valid 🙂 » GWB: The promotions of the last few days in the Play Store If you don’t want to see any Play Store promotions in the GWB stream, you can now just hide it permanently
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