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Google Chrome OS: Nearby Share should make file sharing easier – Self Share for your own devices is coming

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Google has with Nearby share some time ago introduced a practical feature for sharing files with other devices nearby, which among other things within ChromeOS can be found. A new flag now shows that the feature should be expanded and that individual files should be shared even faster among your own devices.

At Google, wireless media delivery seems to be a key focus these days as they roll out both the technology and the features around it to more and more platforms and devices. With Android 13 you will be very strong at first glance Tap to Transfer and Chrome OS users can look forward to an expansion of wireless transmission soon.

Nearby Sharing Self Share
Enables seamless sharing between a user’s own devices.

The new function is currently called “Nearby Sharing Self Share” and focuses on the exchange of data between your own devices. It’s currently only available as an announced flag, but isn’t yet found even in the canary version of Chrome OS. It should simply be a link to your own devices, which does not have to be searched for again and again. In my opinion, it would be a killer feature if you could also share files with your own devices that are not nearby. So (optionally) via the cloud, just like with a messenger. Of course there are many possibilities, but a native integration into the operating system would be nice. » Google Chrome: New search function is coming – internal pages @surfhistory, @bookmarks and @settings
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