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Gogoro fills up in Asia

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With a completely unbridled market in most Asian megalopolises, electric mobility is taking on an unprecedented dimension. In addition to the million vehicles sold by the Chinese giant Niu, another major player in Asian electric mobility is posting figures that make you dizzy. According to the Taipei Times, the local newspaper, Taiwan has 2,215 GoStations spread across its territory. Battery exchange terminals which, according to their rate of expansion, will soon become the majority compared to the number of service stations listed on the island (2,487). Particularly popular, the system developed by Gogoro offers the possibility of exchanging the battery of your electric scooter in a few seconds, and of setting off again without having to wait for the battery used to recharge. A time saving that appeals, since more than 63,000 electric scooters were registered in Taiwan in 2021. Building on its success, the Gogoro brand now intends to develop its system in other Asian markets (India, Indonesia or even China). ), and could also attack the European market soon, like Kymco, which offers an equivalent system (iOnex).

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