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Chrome OS: New calendar view with Google Calendar integration is coming – this is how you can use it now

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Google’s operating system ChromeOS has undergone rapid development, but there are still some fairly simple construction sites that you want to tackle step by step: It has been known for a long time that the Google calendar should be more deeply integrated and now the time has come: With Chrome OS 99 it should be introduced for all users, but with the current Chrome OS 97 you can already test it.

Like any graphical operating system, Chrome OS also has an area with the current time and date. A click on this area should open a full calendar view in the future, which is displayed in a classic monthly overview. This is worth a lot in everyday life and is known in this form from Microsoft Windows, among other things. But it should not stop there, because the scope is to be expanded. A few months ago it became known that the Google calendar should be integrated at this point. This means that upcoming appointments from the calendar can be found in this view. On the screenshots you can see it both as a list above or below the calendar and with a small dot under the respective day in the tabular view. It looks chic and ensures that you can access your upcoming appointments even faster. The Google Calendar app will continue to be required for all others.

This integration should be enabled for all users from Chrome OS 99 and rolled out as a standard. If you don’t want to wait, you can grab the current version Chrome OS 97 now and follow the steps below:

  • Opens the internal page chrome://flags
  • Look for the entry #calendar-view and set it to “Enabled”
  • Now restart Chrome OS again
  • That should be the end of it and you can access the view, as you are used to from other platforms, by clicking on the date. Alternatively, the key combination ALT+SHIFT+C can be used to open the mini calendar. » Google Notes & Android 12: Users have annoying problems with lists – lists with rows of numbers
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