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Cazeneuve “lucid” on Hidalgo’s chances of victory in the presidential election


On France Info, the former prime minister said he wanted “the left to come out of the egosphere to enter the atmosphere”. Does Anne Hidalgo have a chance of winning the presidential election? Asked about this on France Info this Wednesday, Bernard Cazeneuve gave a blunt answer. “I am lucid and I think it is better to be especially if we want to achieve the objective of credibility”, began the former Prime Minister, who nevertheless has a role of “advisor” in the team of campaign for the mayor of Paris. “It’s more difficult for Anne Hidalgo than it has been for other socialist candidates in other eras,” he continued. According to him, these difficulties exist because “the socialists have not prepared as they should have done for this deadline”. “For five years, the substantive work that needed to be done, reorganization, projection of a project, highlighting of talents, has not been done,” he laments. He believes that after this “phase of unpreparedness” followed “a phase of improvisation”. “Anne Hidalgo is right now to campaign around her project to try to reverse the trend,” he judges.

“There must be a political force”

Asked about the candidacy of Christiane Taubira, who announced that she would participate in the popular primary, the former prime minister did not wish to “comment”. “If we want the left to unite, there must be a political force. It is an organization, it is a party which, around a discourse of responsibility, credibility and a desire to transform the country, decides to create momentum around it, ”he argues. According to him, this is what François Mitterrand did in 1971 when he decided to renovate the Socialist Party at the Epinay Congress.

SEE ALSO -Presidential: How the left is struggling “It is this work of gathering and reflection on the merits that we should have undertaken over the past five years”, considers Bernard Cazeneuve. And to add that he “prefers popular parties to popular primaries”. According to him, if the left wants to come together, it must have “more ideas and less ego”. “We cannot both want the rally and create the conditions for additional candidacies every day”, he retorts to the former Minister of Justice. And to conclude: “I express the wish that on the left we begin to leave the egosphere to enter the atmosphere”.

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