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Android 12: Old mobile radio standard as a gateway – this is how you can permanently disable 2G connections

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Not only smartphones and operating systems have developed rapidly, but also mobile phone standards have made great strides in the last three decades, with 4G and 5G playing a particularly important role in this country. But because smartphones should be backwards compatible as far as possible, 2G is still supported. With Android 12 you can disable support for the old standard – and maybe you should.

The G abbreviation may be associated with something else due to the pandemic, but 2G, 3G, 4G and probably the most well-known 5G are abbreviations for mobile phone standards. The vast majority of smartphones still support 2G for the greatest possible worldwide compatibility, although it has long since been switched off in many countries. But the standard dates back to 1991 and by no means offers the security and encryption of modern standards. Therefore, it can actually become a gateway for an attack.

With Android 12 you have the option of deactivating the support of 2G and thus protecting yourself from an unnecessary gateway for attacks. This is needed because smartphones can still switch back to the other standards if 5G or 4G reception is poor.
This is how 2G can be deactivated
If you want to deactivate this, then look for the following setting: Settings -> Network and Internet -> SIM and then look for the sub-item for using 2G, which you simply have to switch off. It can be called a little differently for every smartphone, so check for yourself whether you have this point. » Android 12L: These are the main innovations in the current beta of the Google operating system (gallery)
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